certificate svlk

Legality of products became mandatory to be filled in order to guarantee that each product produced is a legal product. With this will certainly increase customer confidence in every product that Prima Putra produces.

CV Prima Putra is responsible for our manufacturing activities for environmental change by obtaining SVLK certification from the Indonesian government and all our products come from legal sources and all our exports are accompanied by V -Legal documents.

SVLK is an Indonesian effort to assure the legality of its timber produc, timber Legality or SVLK serves to ensure that wood products and raw materials are obtained or derived from their original source and their management meets the legality aspect. Legal timber if the origin of wood, logging permits, systems and procedures for logging, transportation, processing, and trade or seclusion have proven to satisfy all, stop ilegal logging.


Since July 2018 our Government issued new regulations for business license called the NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha). All manufacturers and exporters must have this ID for all their shipment. NIB is compulsory to be owned by company as it is an identity in the implementation of activities. So Prima Putra Jepara is always updated to comply with NIB in order to support the government. With the existence of NIB, it will be easier for CV. Prima Putra to run its business.

latest product

Jacqueline Rectangular Single Extended Table 210×100

Rectangular table ~ jacqueline rectangular single extended table 210×100 with sku ptr-007 table materials. this rectangular table is available in height 75 width 100 and depth 210cm sizes. also order it in your own size

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Zoey Bar Stool

Bar furniture ~ Zoey Bar Stool with sku PRL-013 teak bar stools materials. this bench is available in height 80 width 30 and depth 45cm sizes. also order it in your own size

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Declan Garden Chair

Garden chairs ~ declan garden chair with sku pcg-015 chairs materials. this garden chairs is available in height 104 width 63 and depth 60cm sizes. also order it in your own size

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Aashif Teak Garden Bench 120 cm

Garden furniture ~ aashif teak garden bench 120 cm with sku PBO-040A teak benches materials. this bench is available in height 93 width 120 and depth 63 sizes. you can also order it in your own size

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Zuri Teak Sun Lounger

Lounges ~ Zuri teak sun lounger with sku PLO-029 teak sun lounger materials. this lounger is available in height 55 width 77 and depth 22cm sizes. also order it in your own size

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