Why should Primaputrajepara.com?

CV. Prima Putra established in 2019, is an age old enough for a furniture company, surely we’ve experienced
to produce high quality productsand competitive prices.

How the quality of the product from CV. Prima Putra ?

CV. Prima Putra produces high-quality products, teak wood we use is dry,has a Moisture content (MC) below 12%, and all woods are Kiln Dried. We have customersin USA, Australian and Dubai, where there is hot area, and they are happy with our quality.
We concernon the connection (joint) between the wood, and only use high-quality EPOXY glue. Our QC staff carefully check each product before the pack. They ensure that no damage and error.

What services are provided CV. Prima Putra so that you feel confident buying from us?

We guarantee every product we sell to you, what if there is damage when you receive the goods, then we will replace the goods in the next delivery. Or will we change the money value of defective goods.

How to order?

Simply mention the item code and number you need, send an e-mail to us. So quickly we will respond with complete. You will know how many total volume and the amount of money you should pay. Everything will be answered in the e-mail will be sent.

Payment Term?

You couldpay via T/T orL/C information can be found in the Terms and Condition

Are there any extra services?


  • -Hi Quality Picture: We will provide pictures that you need for your publication and your preselling. Of course, image quality and the location of a good pick.
  • Brass Logo: We provide brass logo for your product and it’s free.

What about lead time production ?

Lead production we need is 45 days, counted from deposit or we accept L/C could be sooner depends in qty, we could discuss it in the e-mail.